Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear President Reagan

Dear President Reagan,

There are many things going on in America today, many of which would have been inconceivable for most Americans to forecast, from the point of view of the 1980s, as the probable pathway our country would walk down. There seems to be a general shift to the left in this country and we seem to be moving farther and farther away from the conservative principles you championed every election cycle, and the train that coupled the Republicans and the Conservatives seems to me to have become uncoupled.

Our country has recently experienced and is currently dealing with an economic failure of massive proportions. I know economic ‘crisis’ is the popular term-du-jour. I say failure because that’s what it was, a failure of individuals not fulfilling their individual responsibilities, from buyers to lenders to mortgage underwriters to the elected officials whose responsibility it was to make sure this didn’t happen. To call it a crisis is to compare it to a natural disaster, a true crisis, where the outcome is inevitable no matter what is done to prevent it, and lends itself to the mitigation of the liability of those who are complicit.

To make up for the lack of individual responsibility that was the root cause of the economic failure, the government has decided to step in and be a major player in larger portions of our markets. The very first plan to turn around the markets came from a Republican White House and it gave the power to the Treasury Secretary to make decisions that were unreviewable by any court of law and the ability to designate private financial businesses as financial agent of the government. Pretty unbelievable for a ruling political party that claims reduced government as a principle.

With all due respect to the President, and the incredible pressure of the circumstances, the first impulse of the preeminent Republican in the country to move towards nationalization and radically away from free market principles is hardly in keeping with bedrock conservative principles of free markets and limited government. In fact, Mr. President, you’d think you were reading headlines from Venezuela’s newly nationalized media.

Now the government is fully invested in the financial markets, in an apparent non-voting manner, in effect nationalizing the leading financial institutions in the country. A growing liberal voice in the Congress is urging that the government needs to do more to get involved and subvert the “failed” free markets. Much like the welfare program advocates in the past wanted, politicians now have a new demographic to pander to… home owners. Imagine the federal government being involved in the process of securing a loan to buy a home, when lately they have been talking about taxing homeowners that have houses that are too big!

Leading Representatives in the U.S. House are pushing forward in their calls for increased federal spending and creating new departments of government, all aimed at seizing and controlling more segments of society. Plans to take from some citizens who have achieved great things and giving to those who do not even attempt to better their own situations are now being spoken out loud in open forums, no longer are they being whispered behind closed liberal doors.
The other day I heard the analogy of Robin Hood taking from the evil rich and giving to the unfortunate poor applied to the Democrat platform. I seem to remember that in the story of Robin Hood, he was stealing from the government that had taken from the people, not rich people. A very important but often overlooked nuance of the story.

The one defining issue of our times has to be the fact that there are factions of Islam around the world who have openly declared war on Americans, and organize to that end. If the United States is defeated militarily or ideologically, then domestic social and economic issues will become moot. I hope that history will be honest and give President Bush the credit he has earned in keeping Americans safe by recognizing that threat and taking the offensive against those who live to kill Americans. In that endeavor, the record is clear that Republicans are more apt to act preemptively in the defense of our nation than was the last Democrat President, and lacking a true conservative voice on the national stage, I must stand with the current Republicans because of this.

Every day I hear from Americans who say that they feel like voters without a party. I can see why, what with such a Hobson’s choice of Presidential candidates to choose from. The Democrats have celebrated their shift to the radical left-wing of their party by choosing the most liberal voting member of the Senate, Barak Obama. The Republicans have chosen the Democrats favorite Republican Senator, John McCain, who was discussed by some as a VP candidate on the 2004 Kerry ticket, and it was seriously conjectured that Joe Lieberman could be his own VP running mate this year. Choosing my own home state Governor Sara Palin was indeed a strategic decision (if we’re honest) that spoke directly to Senator McCain’s disconnect with what was has been a historically conservative base for the Republican Party.

President Reagan, America has become a place where Democrats are trying to implement socialism and Republicans have limited free political speech and did indeed nationalize aspects of the public marketplace. This is a hard time for us conservatives, and I hope the 2008 election cycle will awaken the sleeping giant in America that is the silent conservative majority.

In two years we will have another round of Congressional elections. Conservatives need to develop a national leader that will stand and be the first in a long time to espouse and act upon the true conservative ideas of individual responsibility and liberty, fiscal conservatism, small government and lower taxation that allow all Americans the opportunity to succeed based on the merits of their own labor, not someone else’s.

In short Mr. President, I fear that the times when the Republicans and Conservatives walked the same line side by side, may be slowly coming to an end, and the time when we see national leaders with a (C) after their name may be approaching.

Very respectfully,
A Concerned Conservative

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Counting on Voter Ignorance

Elected officials in Seattle are pushing to enact a 20 cent-per-bag tax on plastic bags. The new tax is estimated to generate over $10 MILLION annually for the city.

One of the given uses for the, infrastructure improvement, greater police or fire coverage maybe.........nope.

Much of the money will go towards paying for the administration and enforcement of the tax plan! These people keep getting elected...come on!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Criminalizing Thought

Congressional Democrats are stalling a defense bill by adding language to it that would criminalize the thoughts of criminals while they are in the act of visiting violence upon homosexuals. Presumably, the punishments handed out against these "types" of criminals would carry more severe consequences.

Can I get a law passed that imposes more severe consequences against hurting white me? Isn't all violence hateful?

Even if the President vetoes the bill, I'll bet the Democrats running for office will pull in a few more of the 'homosexual vote'.

Check it out for yourself-

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who Is The Worst Teacher in America?

There is an anti-union group based in Washington DC that is setting its sights on the National Education Association (NEA), the union that 'protects' the nation's government educators. Of course, most of America refers to these schools as "public schools" instead of the more accurate term, government schools.

Why is that I wonder....maybe because only evil Communist governments indoctrinate their citizens, not free Republics like America.....

The Center for Union Facts is offering $10,000 as a severance package for the top 10 WORST educators in America to resign!!

The fact is that unions hold employer's jobs hostage by lobbying legislation that has made it virtually impossible to fire a worker who performs in a substandard manner. It doesn't matter to the unions if the employee doesn't contribute to the company enough to earn what wages he is being paid. God forbid that a union employee receive a deserved reduction in pay.

The job does not belong to the employee, but to the employer that hires the employee.

It's also interesting that union dues are tied to minimum wage wages go up, so do union dues. Take a guess who lobbies the hardest for minimum wage guessed it. The unions.

The was definitely a time for unions in the American work place....but that time is past with the relatively competitive market that we now have.

Read about the NEA and the Center for Union Facts...decide for yourself.

ps- Put your kids in private schools, where parents really have a voice!

Democrat Controlled Congress Makes the Government Bigger

The House of Representatives have voted to create the Office of Congress Ethics. Ostensibly, it will be a non-partisan, unaffiliated group of six people who are appointed by the very Congressman they are supposed to have oversight on.

The new office will be responsible for investigating impropriety by Congress members and report to the House Ethics Committee. The measure passed 229-182, with the majority of Republicans voting against it.

In summary, the Government is bigger and a new cost has been added because the politicians that we elect to represent us cannot police their own......or at the very least 'do the right thing'.

Monday, March 10, 2008

345 Billion Reasons to Pass the Fair Tax

If ever there was a reason to turn away from an income based tax system, it is the report from the IRS saying that the 'tax gap', what is being collected versus what should be collected, has grown to $345,000,000,000. That's BILLION.

As long as we are being taxed on our income, there are going to be those who find ways around the government taking what we earn. That means that those of us who pay our taxes will be picking up the slack.

Switching to a consumption based tax system, like the Fair Tax, will eliminate not only the lost revenue due to loopholes, but also eliminate the costs of prosecuting those who cheat. (the end of the IRS!)Of course, that would mean that Congress, elected by us, would have to voluntarily give up one of their few Constitutionally granted powers.

Check it out-