Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who Is The Worst Teacher in America?

There is an anti-union group based in Washington DC that is setting its sights on the National Education Association (NEA), the union that 'protects' the nation's government educators. Of course, most of America refers to these schools as "public schools" instead of the more accurate term, government schools.

Why is that I wonder....maybe because only evil Communist governments indoctrinate their citizens, not free Republics like America.....

The Center for Union Facts is offering $10,000 as a severance package for the top 10 WORST educators in America to resign!!

The fact is that unions hold employer's jobs hostage by lobbying legislation that has made it virtually impossible to fire a worker who performs in a substandard manner. It doesn't matter to the unions if the employee doesn't contribute to the company enough to earn what wages he is being paid. God forbid that a union employee receive a deserved reduction in pay.

The job does not belong to the employee, but to the employer that hires the employee.

It's also interesting that union dues are tied to minimum wage wages go up, so do union dues. Take a guess who lobbies the hardest for minimum wage guessed it. The unions.

The was definitely a time for unions in the American work place....but that time is past with the relatively competitive market that we now have.

Read about the NEA and the Center for Union Facts...decide for yourself.

ps- Put your kids in private schools, where parents really have a voice!

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Alex said...

Minnesota's top educator was fired when budgets cuts rolled around and union (NEA) rules state that the educator with the least seniority is the first to go.

Never mind that she is Teacher of the Year I guess.